The Caretakers Cabin Complex (Talonmökki)

These are the first log buildings you will see after driving down to the Hanka Homestead. They were moved and built here for the caretaker of the site to live in the summer months during and after restoration.


The first log structure is a log garage/storage building.


The boats under the roof shelter are smaller replicas of the Finnish type boats that the first group of five immigrant families used when they came up the Sturgeon River to homestead the land around Otter Lake and the surrounding area that Nik Hanka later named Askel.


The building by the gate looks to be a sauna (blackened interior walls) converted to a small livable log cabin. A drilled well and hand water pump are located on side of the porch.


Gene Meier (author of 'Askel' Means Step) in the red shirt 1981.

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