Hay Barn (Heinalato)

The hay barn provided hay storage for the cows and calves during the long winter months. Haymaking was a summer long task and initially was done by hand. The hay was cut with a scythe, let dry, and raked into piles. It was then pitchforked onto a dray that was pulled by horse into the drive-thru between the buildings and pitchforked into the loft as well as the hay barn.  Both the hay barn and the loft over the cow barn had to be full of hay in order to feed the cows and calves through the winter.




Connected to the north end of the cattle barn is the seventeen foot by twenty-one foot round pole log barn featuring saddle notch corner notching. Split balsam poles nailed to ten sets of rafters act as sheathing for the long thin hand split cedar shingles. Pine poles fitted on log joists form a floor in the barn allowing the air to circulate throughout the hay. ('Askel' Means Step by Gene Meier)

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