The Hanka Homestead Museum Association

Thanks all in making Heritage Day 2017 and Juhannus ’17 such a great success. Some of whom are:

·        Special Guest – Finnish Ambassador Kirsti Kauppi.

·        Finnish American Heritage Center - Jim Kurtti, David Maki, and Joanna Chop.

·        Finn Fest 2013 Committee - Jim Kurtti.

·        Keweenaw National Historical Park - SEEDS crew.

·        Chassell VFW, Post 6507 - honor guard.

·        Baraga County ARES - Jack Swift, Dr. Tim Sears, and Mary Sears.

·        Kivijat and Loistavat (Finnish folk dancers) - Kay Seppala director.

·        Music Work Shop - Arto Järvelä director.

·        Music and Musicians - Ameriikan Poijat, Pasi Cats, and Finn Folk.

·        Blacksmith - Payne Chassen and Chris Sutherland.

·        Horse Logging, Skidding, and Wagon Rides - Dean Wascher.

·        Horse Facilitator - Cathy Heikkinen.

·        Finnish Language Workshop - Linda Kinnunen & Becky Stroube.

·        Homestead Chef - Helen Stenvig.

·        Hide Processing - Jerry Glisson.

·        Log Construction Preservation - Frank Eld.

·        Homestead Garden - Shirley Kinnunen.

·        Refreshments and Beverages, Feed Mill Café - Ruth MacKrain & associates.

·        Admissions - Elaine Peterson and Chuck Beck.

·        Finnish Photographs - Karen Beck.

·        Recycle and Waste Management - Beth Heikkinen.

·        Helper at Large – William D. Fergusson.

·        Hanka Homestead Museum Association members - Paul Adams, Sharon Eklund, Les Haataja, Paul Heikkila, Oscar Heikkinen, George Kauppila, Francis Kinnunen, Bill Lahti, Colette Marie McLaughlin, Edwin (Bill) Raisanen, Jim and Marcia Slater, and Tom and  Cheryl Tervo.

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